ECPD Operating Units, Offices and Affiliations

The European Center for Peace and Development has set up its operating units and affiliations (departments, offices, etc.) in several cities of its host country (former SFR Yugoslavia, now Serbia) and other European countries. 

In accordance with the Agreement concluded between the ECPD and the Municipal Assembly of Sremski Karlovci (Serbia), the ECPD set up its Department for Ecological Urban Renewal and the Conservation of Old Urban Nuclei.  

In accordance with the Agreement concluded with the Government of Montenegro on Long-Term Cooperation in the International Transfer of Knowledge Systems, the ECPD Specialized Affiliation for International Postgraduate Studies in Podgorica (Montenegro), was established in 1994. 

Pursuing the provisions of the Agreement concluded with the Government of the Republic of Macedoniathe ECPD Specialized Regional Institute for Development Studies located in Skopje (Macedonia) was established in 1999. 

In accordance with the Agreement concluded with the Regional Government of Novi Pazar (Serbia), the ECPD International Programme Unit for Postgraduate Studies was established in 2001. The provisions of this Agreement stipulate, inter alia, the opening of postgraduate studies in Management, Technology of Solving Development Problems, Law of the European Union and International Business Law and Economic Diplomacy, advanced training, as well as corresponding research activities.

In accordance with the Agreement concluded with the Zenica-Doboj Canton (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), the ECPD Program Unit in Zenica was founded in 2004.

In 2006, the Agreement on the Establishment of the ECPD Regional Center for International Postgraduate Studies and Development Research with Headquarters in Prizren, Kosovo was concluded between the ECPD and UNMIK and the Municipality of Prizren. In accordance with the Agreement, the ECPD Regional Center organizes international educational programs of postgraduate studies (specialist, master’s and Ph.D levels) and programs of postgraduate professional advanced training (seminars, courses, summer schools and the like), as well as development research projects. Starting in the academic year 2006/2007 and in the academic years 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011 the ECPD Regional Center organized international postgraduate studies in Prizren in Management (Strategic Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Healtih Management), MBA, Law of the European Union, International Business Law and Economic Diplomacy.

ECPD Regional Center for Postgraduate Studies and Research Activities, Banja Luka, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Center was established and functions in accordance with the Agreement concluded with the Government of the Republic of Srpska on April 23, 1999.

ECPD Regional Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Development Research, Montana, Bulgaria. The Institute was established in accordance with the Agreement concluded on October 6, 2008.

ECPD Regional Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Development Research, Pula, Croatia. Established in accordance with the Agreement concluded between the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) from one and the Region of Istria and the Municipality of the City of Pula, on March 25, 2009.

ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies, with the seat in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This Center was set up in October 2008, after being approved by the ECPD Council, and confirmed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The Institute will operate as a program unit within the ECPD. Its anticipated activities will include: elaboration of research projects, development and conduct of educational programs related to sustainable development, urban planning and environmental studies.

ECPD Regional Mediterranian Institute for International Postgraduate Studies and Research Studies, Podgorica, Montenegro. The Institute was established by the the ECPD Council in April 2006, in accordance with the Agreement concluded between the Government of the Republic of Montenegro.

The ECPD has also established the following the ECPD offices and/or contact points in Bristol, London, Paris, Heidelberg, Trieste, Vienna, Sofia, Athens and Moscow.

·         ECPD Program Unit for Postgraduate Medical and Biomedical Studies, Athens, Greece

·         The ECPD Program Unit located in Moscow;

·         The ECPD Office in London (UK);

·         The ECPD operating units in Bradford (UK), Arad (Romania) Gorizia and TriesteItaly).

The Expansion and Diversification of Cooperation

In order to pursue its aims and perform the tasks set out in its program, the ECPD recruited many hundreds of world-reputed professors, scientists, experts and public figures from almost all parts of the world as lecturers at postgraduate courses, as well as participants in international scientific meetings, managers and authors of research projects, most of whom have made a great contribution to the ECPD activities and efforts towards peace, development and international cooperation. The participants in these ECPD activities have included the Nobel Prize winners, former and current presidents or state heads of states or/and prime ministers, academicians, theoreticians in specific fields of science, directors and high officials of international and regional organizations, professors at renowned universities, directors of research institutes. In recent years, the ECPD has engaged more than 300 prominent figures as permanent associates on a full-time, part-time and consultative basis. The ECPD permanent associates have participated in the organization and implementation the ECPD postgraduate studies and specialist training and educational programs; as the organizers and managers of the ECPD research projects/studies, as well as the chairmen of the ECPD international scientific and other meetings. Such a participation in the ECPD activities, as well as the high level of knowledge and reputation of the ECPD associates represent a response to the challenges posed by the selected projects, launched within the ECPD programs.


ECPD Books

Remembering Grant: Champion for Children
Jim Grant
Nebojša Cvetanovski, Sašo Kožuharov
Todor Mirković
Dragoslav Avramović / Negoslav P. Ostojić
Objedinjavanje kvantitativnih i kvalitativnih istraživanja
Živan Ristić

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